Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adesagi Kierana

Sad news came from the fashion world in this early 2012. Adesagi Kierana, member of Fashion Designers Association of Indonesia (IPMI) has passed away in Bandung (01/01/2012) apparently due to gas poisoning from faulty water heater.

Adesagi Kierana was born on September 19, 1997. After graduating from Bunka School of Fashion, Adesagi Kierana was the finalist of British Streetwear Design Competition “Harper’s Bazaar”. He ever joined prestigious fashion shows like JFFF, JFW, Batik National Festival, Asian Moslem Fashion Festival, etc. Adesagi Kierana happened to be a personal designer for Indonesian top celebrities.

Almost Famous 2011

Almost Famous 2011

Almost Famous 2011
Collection 2010

Despololita Trend IPMI Show 2011

Despololita Trend IPMI Show 2011

Bazaar Magazine.

Drowning in Your Love - Fashion and Art Exhibition

Adesagi Kierana known as a talented designer with unique design style, colorful and playful. Yes, even though he is no longer here, but his works will be remembered. A fan of his work!

(Photos: mine and adesagikierana.com)


  1. Yepp...
    I can see, his works are unique and colorfull..

    Beat him!

    Believe or not.
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  2. itu kenapa jadi bang yoga??

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