Monday, July 16, 2012

ESMOD Jakarta Day 2

Another ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival day.
I'ts half-printed-shirt from Modify and prism-tie from House of Enigma.
I met so many people there, and one that I can take from that day.
"Whatever you like, stay humble"

8 Eri by Eridani

Se... by Sere Marini Simanjuntak
These two designers gives us more colors and drapery that looks so beautiful.

Scrapbook by Mel Ahyar Couture
Like we could do anything to our dress, So inspiring.

Sugar Dream by Afriyanti Tan
These colection are very sweet, as sweet as sugar dream.

ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival 2012
Skeeno Hall, Gandaria City, July 10 - 15


  1. Hi!! My name is Beatriz Micai, I'm from Brazil and my graduation work was there!! Do you have other pics? There were 02 LED dresses!! You can check it on my blog...
    I would be very thankfull if you could send it to me!!