Sunday, September 16, 2012

UIFW: Urban Chic Empowerment


It was good when fashion week coming.
And this year is the first year of UI Fashion Week 2012. Lets see the inside.
For the first session themed about Urban Chic Empowerment by: Nainsook, Macaroons Closet, N.Y.P and Alex(a)lexa.
Second session themed about Woman Infashion by: f.M.L, Cocoon, C.L.O.S.E.T, de.cada.dia, Vintage Victim and Canvas.
Last session Denim Fashion Frenzy with national football players and streetstylers. Cool!
I noticed a common thread among their collections: soft, seethrough, color blocking, flew and sweet.
However there are some refreshing my eyes, such as flowery from Alex(a)lexa, some printed collection from Vintage Victim and I call this "Like a Boss" from de.cada.dia.
One thing that fascinated me from this event,  at the young age,  at least they have made a big step to create and express themselves.
Support local brands!



September 1 - 2 2012
Kuningan City


  1. there are some great pieces here!! i really like the pink print dress

    happy sunday!! :D there is a new post on my blog. I would love to have your views :)

  2. Great pictures and great clothes, love them all! Thanks for share this amazing pictures!

    Pablo from