Saturday, December 8, 2012


Located at Fairground SCBD, Danjyo Hiyoji has successfully hold Spring / Summer 2013 with the theme "Asymmetry." A remarkable breakthrough from Danjyo Hiyoji presenting an innovative work that makes a lot of people amazed. Starting with video mapping that is definitely cool, the show was running quickly. Each collection that presented only caught a glimpse on my sight. But marvelously, even only a glimpse, I know that every pieces of them are amazing. With unique cutting technique as in a white t-shirt that makes a clean simplicity keep stylish and trendy style. A blazer with decorative print seized everyone's attention. Added with theatrical touches in the middle of the show, it seems Danjyo Hiyoji is never run out of ideas. Smart. I think Danjyo Hiyoji very smart by presenting different character from any cuts yet in one unit, it all remains to be harmony.
It's time for standing ovation. I'm falling in love with Asymmetry.

This blazer is everything.

Asymmetry by Danjyo Hiyoji
Saturday, November 24th 2012
Fairground SCBD

(Photos taken by my friend: Marsela Christie)

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