Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Illustration by Marsela Christie.

Things will change, people will grow up, we'll grow up, but we know in our hearts the one thing that'll remain the same. I'm officially 22 :)

Lonely Day

Can we just take a second and have a moment of silence.
We don't know how life will turn out.
There is no way we can avoid it.
We just have to face it, and get hurt once in a while.

Fotografi: Marsela Christie
Styling: Fahmy Haryandi
Assistant: Lucca Yoga
Model: Salfan
Koleksi: Merlyn Widjaja & Friends (Lasalle College Jakarta Student)
Lokasi: Museum Taman Prasasti Jakarta


Fahmy, Christie, and me.

The sad moment we all knew would come is here. I'm going to miss you, dear friends.

Saturday 5th October 2013
(Foto dok. Fahmy Haryandi)