Friday, November 11, 2011

Zara November Lookbook

Since I love the price tag, Zara is one of my favorite. Offering high fashion solutions at street market prices (call it my 'smart shopping' budgeting) hahaha. Their November collection offer quite a good selection of neutral pieces with a few outstanding ones to mix and match.

Colorfull Mohair Jacket.

Neoprene Burgundy Blazer with Piped Seams.

Herringbone Blazer.

Double Breasted Coat.

Coat with Fur Collar.

Mohair Cardigan with Elbow Patches.

Double Breasted Military Coat.

Cable Knit Polo Neck Sweater.

Nylon Puffer with Hood.

Which look catches your eye most this time?
I love the Red Wool Pullover, and Burgundy Blazer, and the Military Coat and.....oh! I love all the collection.


  1. the pullover is amazing!
    but i think that the bordeaux blazer looks pretty interesting too!
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  3. zara is always gorgeous! coat with fur collar sounds great ;)

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