Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arisan! 2 Movie

Eight years have passed since Arisan!, and much has changed in Arisan! 2. Nia Dinata’s movie featuring many top artists such as Cut Mini, Surya Saputra, Tora Sudiro, Aida Nurmala and many more, running in theaters today (12/01/2011). Interesting to see what the reality of Indonesian society existing on the screen. It is possible what’s in the movie happens in real life. With the scene in Gili Trawangan and Borobudur, imagine it would be very beautiful.

Lifestyle and fashion became one of important part in this film, with various of domestic fashion designer, it’ll be so fascinating. Titi DJ and Shanti become cameo in this movie, they would be very cool with their goodness in sense of fashion.

Cut Mini (Meimei) - Tri Handoko Skirt. (I totally love this skirt)

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Philip Treacy Hat, Didi Budiarjo Collection.

Sarah Sechan (dr. Joy) - Tri Handoko Two Piece Gown.

Atiqah Hasiholan (Ara) - Didit Hadiprasetyo Couture Dress.

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Didi Budiarjo Couture Dress / Salma and Salwa - Shito Ballerina Shoes

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Didi Budiarjo Resort Wear / Surya Saputra (Nino) - Jeffry Tan Tshirt / Rio Dewanto (Octa) - Jeffry Tan Tshirt & Bermuda.

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Didi Budiarjo Couture Dress.

... and many more glamorous outfits.

I watched this movie today and everything is beautiful. The beautiful and gorgeous nature of Indonesia. Do you interested with this movie too?



  1. i want to watch this movie , love the story :)

  2. wow awesome! i will watch this movie, asap <333