Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Chocolate Meets Fashion

Today I attended Magnum Pleasure 365 “The Ultimate Chocolate Experience”. Magnum held a fashion show and exhibition collaborated with five best designers of Jakarta Fashion Week, they are Tex Saverio, Barli Asmara, Priyo Oktaviano, Stella Rissa and Auguste Soesastro. The fashion design collection of five designers were covered with original Belgian chocolate. Yummy.

Tex Saverio, unique with carvings.

Stella Rissa and Barli Asmara

Priyo Oktaviano (this is the most challenging and complicated design, fabulous)

"It is what makes life worth living, it is your prerogative, your privilege, your birthright, it is essential, because one day without pleasure is one day lost, because if you don't do it, who will?" - Magnum, for pleasure seekers.
Much more, everything in chocolate and everything looks yummy to lick. There was a chance to enjoy it because this show ended to December 11, 2011 at Senayan City, Jakarta.


  1. so talented designers! they made beautiful dresses even it's from chocolates. anyway you look great in 1st pict :D

  2. very very cool and delicious outfits :P


  3. it is too late for me to come and join, tp rame ya kayanyaaa

    Herdiana Surachman

  4. great picts..
    i really wants to eat "MAGNUM" ,,, :D

    thank you for your lovely comments in my blog, following you now ...

  5. How I wish I could go, ahh you're so luck! :D


  6. Great post! The pictures are so inspiring :)