Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fashion Without The Show

Today I attended art exhibition, but this is not an ordinary art exhibition. Because the young and talented fashion designer, participate for installation without the fashion show. They should think about the stories, has a concept and value of art to show off the fashion.

Sebastian Gunawan, co curator-fashion, said that Fashion is part of art, it works the same way and fashion can also stand alone, as art.

Didit Hediprasetyo - "Mooncaster"

Jeffry Tan - "Wedding Obsession"

Adesagi Kierana - "Drowning in Your Love"

Steven Huang - "Generation Gap"

Barli Asmara - "Natural Bond Beauty"

Andreas Odang - "I Don't Want You To See Me This Way"

Sapto Djojokartiko - "Misogyny Hatred of Woman"

Deden Siswanto - "Lovely Nagari"

I enjoyed every minutes in this room, like hypnotized and carried away to paradise. You can also enjoy the work of 8 Indonesian designers too until December 6, at Sampoerna Strategic Square Jakarta.


  1. hey, I've tag you on my homework. lets answer the question if you wanna join :) thankyou


  2. so artsy and fabulous, so wondering why with them, beat japan

    Herdiana Surachman

  3. great post and photos! super

  4. omg,, that was definitely superb awesome dress.
    I wish I can go there to see it in real.. T.T

    My favorite is Adesagi Kirana - "Drowning in Your Love", Andreas Odang - "I Don't Want You To See Me This Way" and Deden Siswanto - "Lovely Nagari"

    btw,, cool post dude..

    Garten Paradise

  5. Oi,
    sou David Iannini(Produtor de moda e Styling, e editor do blog Acordei Fashionista).
    Encontrei seu blog em buscas pela net, adorei o espaço!
    Aproveito para deixar o link do meu blog!
    Se curtir me segue(sigo devolta).

    Não importa como vc está se sentido hoje: levante-se, vista-se, e brilhe!


  6. Amazing exhibition! All pieces are fab! Following you now. Hope you follow me back.
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  7. Aww....
    artistik banget. kereennn!!
    designer2nya imajinatif+hebat2 bangett!!

    you got an award here. congraats!!

  8. wonderful picts ... super cool ..

  9. great exhibitions! the dress are really beautifull.. i love it! my favorite is Barli asmara...

    Hei Echa!

  10. heyy.. cooL post!! really amazing..~~ hehee~~ i'm just wondering if this exhibition still last 'till today?? (11 Dec, 2011) and, where is the exhibition again?? (pliz, reply..) thankk youuu!!~~

  11. anonim: I'm sorry, this exhibition at Sampoerna Building ended last week, maybe next year?