Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fashion Mash-Up

I still remember how wonderful Lookbook Jakarta with the theme 'Diversity' on UIFW many weeks ago,
especially the tagline "fashionistas, fashionistos and everyone in between."
Everything seemed well prepared. And this time on another occasion, PI Fashion Mash-Up,
Lookbook Jakarta trying to deliver messages through fashion.
Starting with a very heavy smoke then the shows divided into three parts.
For the first part, I thought they were in a dream world,
they slept with the main line of black-and-white-printed-shirt.
With a mask that is not themselves, like a puppet.
Then the second part, they seemed to wake from a dream,
take off his mask and look at the real world.
The last, with musical accompaniment from Agrikulture,
they are themselves and still all about black and white.
'till in the end of the show it remainds us to be yourself.
Honestly, I expect more from Lookbook Jakarta.

The Crowds.

Photos: Paramitha


  1. Amazing event! Wish to be there, thanks for share these pictures with us

  2. Aaah too bad I couldn't come

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"