Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time for Men

Most of the fashion show is about women, and men's collection just as insertions.
But this time Men's Fashion Week, it was held three days at Plaza Indonesia.
I was fortunate to be present on the third day.
The first show from Superdry. Masculine and playful blend created between coats, boots, jeans and hoodie
comes with accessories that I call a toy-boy, like a skateboard, helmet-motorbike, and a suitcase.
The second show of DKNY Jeans. I have to be honest that I did not feel nothing special.
And the most popular, (X)S.M.L. this time the men's collection themed with soft-earth colors
amazingly blended with some characteristic printed shirt and the pieces that make up masculine silhouette,
espicially all the white shirts. And the touch of hot-red shoes is heaven!
Still be part of Tomorrow Land.
I'm dying for (X)S.M.L. I wanna grab all of the collection!

Superdry and DKNY Jeans



Me & Christie

Photos: Marsela Christie

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