Saturday, December 1, 2012


Ah how I miss back to the city where I spent most of the time in my teenage years. Back together with family and of course to meet my forever-crazy-friends. I admire my father figure. And on the day when I will meet my forever-crazy-friends, I am allowed to wear black shirts and watches owned by my father. the Black shirt is really good to use. I am not familiar with what the name of the material, but this is really very nice. So dramatically soft and light. Like I want to wear it all day so I could have my father's spirit of life.

Black was colorful that day!

Warung Joglo Bu Rini, Salatiga
Saturday, November 17th 2012


  1. lucca... may I request something?
    I wanna see ur watch... :) close up please...pleaseee

    1. May you give me your email? I will send the photo to you :)