Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day to Learn

Short time ago, on a weekend, I was with my friend Christie attended Esmod Workshop Pattern Drafting and Fashion Design. With all the hospitality that made the atmosphere so warm there. The first session, Christie and I made a pattern drafting, we got inspiration from an unusual-beautiful-couture-bird. Then we applied in to dummy with our imagination blends together. In the second session we individually asked to draw what we have made into a collection which developed into three designs that have a common thread. I thought something beautiful, something exotic, but with something extravagant. I imagine someone wearing it then feel so beautiful and confident. 
The event was so simple, so much knowledge that we got, and in fact the place where I want to be. Feeling like home. But there must be another way I need to pass first. :)

ESMOD Jakarta Workshop Pattern Drafting & Fashion Design
Saturday, November 10, 2012


  1. Lucca!!! Ah keren! Engga lo, engga christie.. Designnya sama2 keren!! I feels like nothing.. Pada ikutan LPM gih tahun depan! :)

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

    1. Duh My, gue itu 0, Christie 9. Belum ada apa-apanya dibandingin sama dia :D

  2. @Lucca: Like it the "there must be another way I need to pass first" statement. True dat broh!
    @Fahmy: Duh my jd ngga enak. Lo kan tim creative kita hahaha