Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brastagi, Warm Up!

One of my biggest dreams is able to get arround Indonesia, and good for me to have friends who come from every beautiful corner in Indonesia. I had so many interesting stories about it. Last (year) holiday, I got a gift from my friend who lives in Brastagi, it's knitted sweater with "Brastagi" print on it. Brastagi is small town at the foot of mount Sinabung and Simbayak which famous for it's flowers, vegetables and fruits. The town has a cool climate, ranging between 17 to 20 degrees Centigrade, making a refreshing break from the heat of the city. Days are extremely pleasant while nights can be quite cool. I wanna enjoy the cool atmosphere and magnificent views in this quiet town and bring my Brastagi sweater, someday. I know Allah will grant my prayers.

The magnificent Brastagi, Medan, Indonesia.

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