Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ratoeh Jaroe

It seems a year ago, since the convening of PRINGGANDANA cultural events on my college, which made me fall in love with Ratoeh Jaroe (or known as Saman dance from Nangroe Aceh Darusalam). Since that time I wish I could doing that dance and finally there came a chance, where there will be an annual saman dance competitions. Yes! 

"The Saman dance is part of the cultural heritage of Aceh province in Sumatra. Boys and young men perform the dance kneeling in tight rows. Each wears costume embroidered with colourful Gayo motifs symbolizing nature and noble values. The leader leads the singing. These offer guidance and can be religious, romantic or humorous in tone. Dancers clap their hands, slap their chests, thighs and the ground, click their fingers, and sway and twist their bodies and heads in time with the shifting rhythm – in unison or alternating with the moves of opposing dancers. These movements symbolize the daily lives of the Gayo people and their natural environment. The Saman is performed to celebrate national and religious holidays." - UNESCO 

For three weeks we practice until up late in the night. While all of our foot was in pain but we still enjoyed it. We prepared the costumes, made the headpiece, and everything. Also there was many problems ahead, but in the end the two teams of us can perform very well. At least we are very pleased that day. Now, I miss the moment when we make a crowd every night. It's been a wonderful experience.

Saman STAN
7th Ratoeh Jaroe Festival
Sunday, December 16th 2012
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Visit Aceh Years 2013

We are still waiting for the official record. So this is amateur video in poor resolution uploaded by our syekh Herdi.