Friday, February 28, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

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For some people, birthday moment becomes so special. Perhaps it's the moment to gather with family, moment to meet old friends and talked about a lot of things in our life recently or become a special day because on that day we have a wishes that come true. It could be a presence of someone special or we can get our wishlist about some cool items that we have been waiting for a long time. February is not my birthday, but doesn't mean that I don't have the stuff I dreamed about (even it's still long long time ahead to my birthday, I wouldn't deny it if one of you want to give it right now, hahaha).  Currently I really want a backpack with a simple model but still looks stylish. Got inspiration from street styler, I finally found backpack exactly like what I want, and those are from Zocko is a cool online tool for social influencers to share your favorite products on social media to isnpire others. How cool is that?! This must be my lucky day because I found my wishlist on Zocko. 

(Photos taken from

Those three backpacks are awesome! on the left is Camo Backpack made from textile leather-trimmed backpack in orange, khaki, green and black. With the bright color, I would wear this bag and going to attract everyone's attention. In the midle is Black Zebra Print Safety Pin JW Anderson Edition Backpack by Versus, a coated texile backpack in zebra print throughout with black carry handle and gold-tone studs. I just need to put on my favorite casual shirt and ...voila... this bag would make me stand out in the crowd. On the right side is Round Top Baby Cat Print Backpack in bright red and black with silver tone hardware and zip pocket at bag face. This one is extremely cool. The red color is really look good in my eyes. I would wear this with my black shirt to make an elegant looks. I wish I had one of them or two of them or all of them, hahahaha *greedy*. Go check for your self at and find your own birthday wishlist. There are so many cool products and I promised you will love it. Thank you zocko, you make it easier to find our birthday wishlist.

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