Friday, March 28, 2014

Travel to Semarang

Finally I've graduated and officially started my unemployment status (hahaha I wish not for a long time). A couple months ago I've experienced to explore Semarang. Eventhough not to all side of this "Old City", but it was enough to enjoy the excitment. The picture above is Lawang Sewu. This old building is very popular with mythical stories. The shades of underground prison is indeed very creepy, but it turns out into beautiful place as illustrated in the photograph (below) when there was a gala dinner. This building has two different sides and very interesting.

One of the most famous icons in Semarang is Vihara Buddhagaya. The center of attention from this temple is Pagoda Avalokitesvara known as the highest pagoda in Indonesia, in which there are a large Buddha statue. Pagoda Avalokitesvara has 45 feet tall with a 7 level, which means that an ascetic will attain sainthood in the seventh grade. 

Bukit Gombel is one of the beautiful places in Semarang (especially at night) because of its location on a hill so we could see Semarang town from above. This place also included intoto haunted places in Semarang, but that night I enjoyed dinner at the Panorama restaurant and it all looks so pretty.

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