Friday, March 28, 2014

Travel to Salatiga

(Sunrise at Kampung Rawa, Bawen)

About six years every day I should going to Salatiga because my school was there. Actually there are many places of interest such as mountain Merbabu, Kopeng, and others, but this time I visited a place that is not less interesting. Salatiga is located on the slopes Mount Merbabu that has a cool climate. A small town that is comfortable to live. In one day here's what I've got.

Umbul Sidomukti, this tourist area is supported with outbound training, adrenaline games, pool natural park, camping ground, pondok wisata, and lesehan cottage. There are four terraced pools with beautiful view. The water was cold, crisp and refreshing. There are also flying fox with a path length of 110 meters, the distance from the lowest point of the valley height of about 70 meters. The flying fox across the valley, so as to move from the hillside opposite the hill, so exciting!

Salib Putih Resort geographically situated on the slopes of Mount Merbabu 4 km from the town of Salatiga towards Kopeng attractions, located in Sallib Putih Plantation area that has been known since the Dutch era for coolness, beauty and breathtaking scenery. One of the best point from this resort is the water pool, it's surrounded by mountain ranges, and Rawa Pening view in the distance, which would certainly make our minds refreshed.

Robusta Coffee original from this resort.

Lotus Cafe

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