Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Backpacking To Jogja II

And this is a very exciting second day...

Looking for breakfast around Gadjah Mada University
with the newly-purchased-clothes in Malioboro last night.
This is a true backpacker, hahaha. (and there's also crowded market Sunmor - Sunday Morning)

In the hot day but a very comfortable atmosphere with javanese culture everywhere,
we headed Vredeburg museum.

A very beautiful place, Taman Sari (place for Sultan Jogja long long long time ago)
with the story that is not less interesting.

And our evening meal at Angkringan Jogja, a very typical and famous.

An experience that will not be forgotten.
Thanks for everything to: Laras, Ina, Guntur, Hanggoro, Nela, Chatrine, Zulfa and Saphira :)

JOGJA has more than just culture though. A travelers paradise in Java, Indonesia, with a lot of fascination which have not been revealed.

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