Monday, December 19, 2011

Natural Beauty

Last weekend I was joined hiking to Gede Pangrango Mountain National Park, Bogor - Indonesia, for three days, which was held by STAPALA. OMG I found it hard to believe I could reach the top, about 3000 meter above sea level. Subhanallah, the scenery was beautiful and very cold in there. It was very peaceful and dramatic with the fog and breeze. Fits perfectly with Burberry coat, Alexander McQueen scraff and Marc Jacobs boots, but um… for now, I can only imagine, hahaha.

Edelweiss is so much beautiful. Symbol of everlasting love. Flawless.

Feel the natural beauty of Allah SWT creation.

On Canvas

I was on the canvas. Thanks to my friends Tije “put it back on” who has painted me, you are very talented, and also Elly.

This is very cool, even with additional nose like that -_-"
Thank you very much :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Chocolate Meets Fashion

Today I attended Magnum Pleasure 365 “The Ultimate Chocolate Experience”. Magnum held a fashion show and exhibition collaborated with five best designers of Jakarta Fashion Week, they are Tex Saverio, Barli Asmara, Priyo Oktaviano, Stella Rissa and Auguste Soesastro. The fashion design collection of five designers were covered with original Belgian chocolate. Yummy.

Tex Saverio, unique with carvings.

Stella Rissa and Barli Asmara

Priyo Oktaviano (this is the most challenging and complicated design, fabulous)

"It is what makes life worth living, it is your prerogative, your privilege, your birthright, it is essential, because one day without pleasure is one day lost, because if you don't do it, who will?" - Magnum, for pleasure seekers.
Much more, everything in chocolate and everything looks yummy to lick. There was a chance to enjoy it because this show ended to December 11, 2011 at Senayan City, Jakarta.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fashion Without The Show

Today I attended art exhibition, but this is not an ordinary art exhibition. Because the young and talented fashion designer, participate for installation without the fashion show. They should think about the stories, has a concept and value of art to show off the fashion.

Sebastian Gunawan, co curator-fashion, said that Fashion is part of art, it works the same way and fashion can also stand alone, as art.

Didit Hediprasetyo - "Mooncaster"

Jeffry Tan - "Wedding Obsession"

Adesagi Kierana - "Drowning in Your Love"

Steven Huang - "Generation Gap"

Barli Asmara - "Natural Bond Beauty"

Andreas Odang - "I Don't Want You To See Me This Way"

Sapto Djojokartiko - "Misogyny Hatred of Woman"

Deden Siswanto - "Lovely Nagari"

I enjoyed every minutes in this room, like hypnotized and carried away to paradise. You can also enjoy the work of 8 Indonesian designers too until December 6, at Sampoerna Strategic Square Jakarta.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seth & Edith Bags

Yesterday, I read an article about a local brand, that is Seth & Edith. And voila I am very interested in what they offer premises.

Seth & Edith is a brand that offers apparel products combining classic and modern concepts. Ageless, simple and brings the character of flexibility and a adaptability of present lifestyle that are easy to wear and functional, with limited quantity for each variation products.

They Value simplicity at its finest.

The price is around Rp. 429.000 for sport tote bag and Rp 699.000 for duffle bag.
I love the khaki duffle bag. Which one do you love?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arisan! 2 Movie

Eight years have passed since Arisan!, and much has changed in Arisan! 2. Nia Dinata’s movie featuring many top artists such as Cut Mini, Surya Saputra, Tora Sudiro, Aida Nurmala and many more, running in theaters today (12/01/2011). Interesting to see what the reality of Indonesian society existing on the screen. It is possible what’s in the movie happens in real life. With the scene in Gili Trawangan and Borobudur, imagine it would be very beautiful.

Lifestyle and fashion became one of important part in this film, with various of domestic fashion designer, it’ll be so fascinating. Titi DJ and Shanti become cameo in this movie, they would be very cool with their goodness in sense of fashion.

Cut Mini (Meimei) - Tri Handoko Skirt. (I totally love this skirt)

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Philip Treacy Hat, Didi Budiarjo Collection.

Sarah Sechan (dr. Joy) - Tri Handoko Two Piece Gown.

Atiqah Hasiholan (Ara) - Didit Hadiprasetyo Couture Dress.

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Didi Budiarjo Couture Dress / Salma and Salwa - Shito Ballerina Shoes

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Didi Budiarjo Resort Wear / Surya Saputra (Nino) - Jeffry Tan Tshirt / Rio Dewanto (Octa) - Jeffry Tan Tshirt & Bermuda.

Aida Nurmala (Andien) - Didi Budiarjo Couture Dress.

... and many more glamorous outfits.

I watched this movie today and everything is beautiful. The beautiful and gorgeous nature of Indonesia. Do you interested with this movie too?


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Twilight Dress

Carolina Herrera was personally chosen by Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, to design Bella’s special gown. The dress valued at $3500 was made using crepe satin and French Chantilly lace, features 152 buttons on the back and 17 on each sleeve. The handmade creation which was custom fit for Kristen Stewart, took Ms herrera and four seamstresses six months to complete.

Bella’s Manolo Blahnik shoes were embellished with jewels.

What do you think of Bella's gown? I personally love it.