Saturday, March 24, 2012

(X)S.M.L SS 2012 Show

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary,
Plaza Indonesia "Inspiring You Always" offers great promotion.
Ofcourse it's fashion week.
Luckily, I got an invitation for (X)S.M.L spring summer 2012
as the last show of the events (03/22/2012).

Coming up with knitted-Brastagi-sweater,
I enjoyed every pieces of the collection.
As we know, (X)S.M.L have a strong character in every collection.
Edgy, smart, and playful.
And those must-have-outer-wear can be worn in multiple ways.

Are you ready for this summer?
Watch out, green would be very attractive !!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Louis Vuitton's $8 Million Train

For the Fall Winter 2012, Louis Vuitton presents a stunning show.
After an elaborate train "arrived at the station," the models departed one by one and,
with their bell boys carrying their luxury bags, walked the runway to their next destination.

Take a deep breathe, that Louis Vuitton train reportedly cost $ 8 million.

According to the model Kel Markey, she said:
"I heard the train cost $ 8 million. And it was so beautiful inside.
You think they'd do a bare-bones models since only us would see it,
but it was really nice upholstery and luggage racks and all this beautiful wood paneling.
I guess when Marc does things, he does them perfectly. "

Whatever that cost, must be super expensive.
By the way, may I back to my hometown with this train, please ?

Photos: Vogue

Zara Roman Sandal

One of my favorites is gladiator sandal.
It's feel like a dramatic knight in Rome.
And happy news, this season Zara presents three alternative gladiator sandals.
I can't help my self. It's such a beautiful world.

Each sandal priced Rp 800.000
Which the one you love?


Friday, March 16, 2012

(X)S.M.L SS 2012: Casual Yet Chic Style

Ketika ditanya apa brand lokal favoritmu, definitely it's (X)S.M.L

Brand fashion ternama (X)S.M.L beberapa waktu yang lalu baru saja merilis koleksi terbarunya untuk Spring Summer 2012. Koleksi yang digambarkan dalam fascinating looks ini menampilkan gaya yang edgy dan wearable dengan inspirasi warna-warna bold seperti biru, hijau dan oranye serta warna nude dan abu-abu yang muncul sebagai penyeimbang. Warna-warna tersebut memberikan karakter lembut dan fresh sehingga sangat cocok untuk kalangan muda yang dinamis.

Implementasi konsep urban life dijabarkan ke dalam berbagai elemen basic sekaligus bergaya yang tak lekang oleh waktu.

Dari busana-busana yang ditampilkan, akan terlihat busana dengan potongan-potongan yang modern, siluet-siluet loose khas (X)S.M.L termasuk stripes cardigan dan tak ketinggalan dress longgar warna biru dengan potongan cantik dan drapery yang membentuk tubuh. Koleksi ini menonjolkan sesuatu yang menyenangkan, hidup dan imajinatif sehingga menciptakan gaya yang stylish. Beberapa must-have-items seperti cardigan warna nude menciptakan tampilan keseluruhan yang lembut dan menawan. Kemudian favorit saya, jaket pria dengan aksen warna oranye memberikan sentuhan modern minimalis yang playfull.

Koleksi yang berhembuskan nafas semangat muda ini tidak kehilangan sentuhan (X)S.M.L yang unik dan memang ditujukan bagi para penggemar fashion muda dan modern.

Dengan tetap menghadirkan spirit masa kini, nafas modern, dan edgy, koleksi ini memberikan semangat baru bagi kaum urban untuk dapat dikenakan dalam berbagai occasion dengan kemampuan mix and match yang akan menjadikan siapapun menjadi pusat perhatian, menariknya beberapa outer wear bisa dipakai dalam berbagai gaya. Dengan kemajuan dunia fesyen cosmopolitan yang semakin berkembang, maka brand lokal dengan cita rasa internasional ini selalu berinovasi dengan gaya-gayanya. Menampilkan koleksi nyaman dipakai dan tetap terlihat stand out, (X)S.M.L tidak pernah mengecewakan. Stunning collection.

For me (X)S.M.L become my inspiration. Young passionate, edgy, playfull, chic, smart and timeless. Love.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shine on YSL Shoes

It's time to put on your sunglasses, because the YSL shoes will dazzle your eyes.
Accented with a shiny gold metallic detailling, these shoes gives something interesting, classy and very elegant.
It's a good thing, something that will take you to good place.
These shoes will say everything and everyone will look at you, look at your shoes actually.
Hahaha :D

Monday, March 12, 2012

Futuristic Alexander McQueen FW 2012

For this Fall 2012 collection, McQueen gives something extraordinary
with a futuristic vision in mind, Sarah Burton wanted to create the perfect fantasy show.
Hold your breath, it came in the form of lightness, volume, and shining optimism.
Silhouettes were lush, round, and frothy, with mirror-like details, masses of floral and fur that gives exceptional imagination.
With a collection as magical as this, Sarah Burton hypnotized everyone.

"It's futurism with softness, not cold futurism. I wanted it to be very positive. It is about a beautiful future" Sarah Burton explained.
Alexander McQueen's future looks like the kind we want to be in!

I'm dying to see this show.
Truly genius of fashion ideas.

(Photos: Alexander McQueen page on facebook)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni at H&M

Marni’s collection for H&M have created it's own trends for print, cut and silhouette that are always playful and elegant.
For men, the colors and fabrics are softened for a relaxed take on menswear staples that is truly Marni.
The silhouette is a modern and relaxed take on masculine classics,
with all-over prints in strong colors looking so darn cool, dreamy, exotic,
and rich with want-now patterns and prints.

The pieces actually look and feel like real Marni.
I love the original prints and inventive spirit.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Malioboro Random Picts

Malioboro is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta,
lined with stores of batik, handycraft, and fashion produscts,
and thousands of people crowded along the street.

In Sanskrit, Malioboro means flower bouquets.
Down the road of flower bouquet and souvenir paradise in the heart of Jogja.

Malioboro, Indonesia ♥

Backpacking To Jogja: Angkringan

Angkringan culture is legendary in all corners of the Yogyakarta.
One of the legendary beverage menu that you must try is Kopi Joss.
Hot black coffee plus a piece of "arang panas".

A fun place to have a quality time with friends and enjoy a friendly evening in Jogja.

"Ngangkring 'till drop"
I love this moment of my life :)

Backpacking To Jogja II

And this is a very exciting second day...

Looking for breakfast around Gadjah Mada University
with the newly-purchased-clothes in Malioboro last night.
This is a true backpacker, hahaha. (and there's also crowded market Sunmor - Sunday Morning)

In the hot day but a very comfortable atmosphere with javanese culture everywhere,
we headed Vredeburg museum.

A very beautiful place, Taman Sari (place for Sultan Jogja long long long time ago)
with the story that is not less interesting.

And our evening meal at Angkringan Jogja, a very typical and famous.

An experience that will not be forgotten.
Thanks for everything to: Laras, Ina, Guntur, Hanggoro, Nela, Chatrine, Zulfa and Saphira :)

JOGJA has more than just culture though. A travelers paradise in Java, Indonesia, with a lot of fascination which have not been revealed.